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All Shook Up Over Priscilla

All Shook Up Over Priscilla

By Christine Sams
February 21, 2006

Elvis fans showed a flicker of excitement last week with news Priscilla Presley is planning a visit to Australia to launch a signature range of linen.

Of course, it wasn't the upmarket sheets that got fans excited, rather the prospect of the King's wife being here in the flesh.

Insiders say Presley is heading to Australia a couple of days before the official Sydney launch of her signature range on February 28.

That means she'll have some time off to relax, which might just include watching a few shows at Melbourne's upcoming fashion festival.

The business relationship between Presley and Sydney-raised designer Bruno Schiavi - who helped her design the linen range - is interesting because it shows off Schiavi's strengthening reputation among international celebrities.

Schiavi, who initially found fame inventing the pocket sock (as you do), developed a strong local reputation working on signature lines for celebrities such as Delta Goodrem and Mark Philippoussis before shifting to the US.

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