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'Elvis would have approved of Lockwood'

PRISCILLA PRESLEY is convinced her former wildchild daughter LISA-MARIE's fourth marriage will last forever - because it's one her late husband, ELVIS, would have approved of. The socialite was thrilled when her daughter wed guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD in Japan earlier this year (06) - because she's sure he's exactly the guy she needs after three disastrous marriages to MICHAEL JACKSON, DANNY KEOUGH and NICOLAS CAGE. Presley says, "I think her (Lisa-Marie) father would really like Michael. I feel for the first time Lisa is at peace. I think she's found her soulmate." Priscilla was among the guests when her daughter wed Lockwood in a traditional Japanese ceremony in Kyoto in January (06).

28/03/2006 21:53
Tags: elvis, michael lockwood
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