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More on Lisa's marriage

Rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY loves Japan and travels there often, which is why she called upon wedding planner to the stars KARA KEANEY to make the country's many traditions a part of her wedding to longtime love MICHAEL LOCKWOOD.

"Lisa and Michael both genuinely love Japan," Kara, of Kara Keaney Events, tells ET. "[The wedding] was so simple and intimate and quiet."

Lisa Marie and her musician beau Michael said "I do" on January 22 in Kyoto, Japan and Kara says the country's customs played a huge part in their big day.

"We did something really unusual and cool," Kara says. "The ceremony was in the garden and right after they said their vows, we toasted the bride and groom with a sake ceremony which is an ancient tradition in Japan. It was really beautiful."

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a 3-hour, 12-course Japanese meal that consisted of sashimi, rice dumplings and crab tempura.

The happy couple also treated their guests to welcoming and parting gifts, which included a hand-painted fan, Lisa Marie's favorite champagne, a silk scarf, and a personalized note from the bride and groom.

"It basically says, 'Thank you so much for being here and sharing this special day with us,'" Kara reveals.

The master wedding planner, who's been working with Lisa Marie for about 10 years, says with only two days to arrange the nuptials, it's a miracle it went off without a hitch.

"Actually something went so right," Kara says. "Right after the ceremony was over, and just as they said their vows, it started to snow. It was magical."

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